Friday, March 6, 2009

Hannah is one

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah is officially one. She turned one on February 21st. We had a small party, just clay and I plus Annie and her three boys. Although Annie's boys are enuogh to liven up any party. We all had a good time.

Ipsen Update: February

February was a FANTASTIC MONTH! Why? Because we were in CALIFORNIA!!!!

Josh (my younger brother and of course my best buddy!) got married. The wedding was fantastic. Josh and Ashley looked so happy. We didn't get to hang out too much so that was sad, but I did spend the night with him before he got married and that was fun. Like old times, almost....

Of course Hannah got to see all the relatives she has never met. She had tons of Aunts wanting to cuddle and love her. Lots of cousins to play with her and even more grandparents eager to spoil her. We came back an exhausted bunch but we loved spending every minute with the family.

Mom spoiled me too with some new clothes :) THANK YOU MOM!

Ipsen Update: January

January I found myself ignoring the world while I read and read and read some more. I got some GREAT books for Christmas so I was immersed all during January. I read the Narnia Chornicles and I got halfway through "The Message of the JOSEPH SMITH PAPYRI" by Hugh Nibley. Now that is a BIG book. I was also learning some new songs on the piano by Grieg.

Hananh started talking and talking and talking and she hasn't stopped or slowed down since January. We can still only understand a handful or words, but she is saying enough to fill books.

Clay was working and working and working like a good Scouting professional should :)

Oh and we all took time to go to the 2nd World's Largest Aviation Museum! The planes were bigger than our house. And there were lots of them. It was a fun trip.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ipsen Update: December

What have we really been doing these past few months? BUSY

December is always crazy, and 2008 was the same. We were busy with piano recitals, work parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas baking and Christmas decorating. Our favorite part of Chirstmas was the Christmas caroling! We really had fun delivering goodies and singing songs to our buddies.

Hannah really enjoyed her first Christmas, she didn't quite know what was going on but it was fun all the same. After a long day of playing and no napping the poor thing finally crashed around 6 PM and she was OUT FOR THE NIGHT! Here a few fun photos of Christmas.
Hannah's favorite gift the monkey from our REALATOR! The sad thing is, the monkey has been lost during our trip to California. We are all mourning poor George's absence. Although I think Hannah is taking it the hardest. If anyone knows of an identical twin available, please tell us soon! Clay enjoyed his guitar hero and I was glad to repaint my kitchen. PICTURES TO COME SOON!

It's been awhile

No Clay and I are not dead. Yes we are alive, healthy and happy. Why haven't I posted in anything in three months? Well yes I've been busy. But mostly I have been on strike against the cyberworld. I realized that all these social network places such as Facebook, Blogs, e-mails and surfing the internet in general are all great TIME WASTERS to me. It is really easy to sit down to check out facebook and before I know it an hour has gone by. And also I honestly don't care about the fact that so and so has checked into facebook five times that day and they have just washed their hair. Seriously. Don't care.

In response to my utter disgust with the whole wasting time thing and in my effort to allocate my time wisely I have been immersed in my daughter, the piano, visting friends or calling them on the phone instead of the pseudo cyber stay in touch. Because lets face it person to person is so much better than person to computer. And please don't take offense to my rants.

Now that I have gone to both extremes, I will try for a happy medium. Maybe a short post here and again. Wish me luck! Happy Blogging.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cedarcrest Community Service Club

Awhile ago I posted about finding something to do with my free time and looking for a cause, well I've found my cause. Since that post I have tried creating a service club. Our first meeting we had three people interested, the next meeting we had five interested and we recently had our third meeting with 12 people in attendance. It started out with a few ladies from church, but I wanted it to be a community wide service club. Today's meeting we had six ladies from our community in attendance. I am so excited about the growth of this club!

Last month we were able to donate 45 desserts to MUST Ministries for their Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. This month we are helping to serve breakfast for Families that take in Foster Care Children. I am very excited both about the great things we are doing and the growing interest in our club. I have an e-mail list of 15 peopke, so we are growing. Great things will happen. It feels really great to be involved with something so good.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Won't you be my new neighbor?

A new neighbor just moved in down the street so Clay and I decided to bake some goodies for them. This is what we made:

A chocolate roll cake with vanilla cream in the middle... Homeade from scratch...YUM YUM!
Don't you wish you were our new neighbors?

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