Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ipsen Update: December

What have we really been doing these past few months? BUSY

December is always crazy, and 2008 was the same. We were busy with piano recitals, work parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas baking and Christmas decorating. Our favorite part of Chirstmas was the Christmas caroling! We really had fun delivering goodies and singing songs to our buddies.

Hannah really enjoyed her first Christmas, she didn't quite know what was going on but it was fun all the same. After a long day of playing and no napping the poor thing finally crashed around 6 PM and she was OUT FOR THE NIGHT! Here a few fun photos of Christmas.
Hannah's favorite gift the monkey from our REALATOR! The sad thing is, the monkey has been lost during our trip to California. We are all mourning poor George's absence. Although I think Hannah is taking it the hardest. If anyone knows of an identical twin available, please tell us soon! Clay enjoyed his guitar hero and I was glad to repaint my kitchen. PICTURES TO COME SOON!

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