Friday, August 8, 2008

Opryland Hotel

Grand ol' Opryland in Nashville

Clay had a national scouting conference in Nashville for all the BSA professionals, and their spouses. The conference was held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. While Clay was busy attending classes and meetings, Hannah and I got to RELAX! THe hotel was HUGE and there was plenty to do. We joked it was like staying at Disneyland beacuse it was so big and there was so much to do without ever leaving the hotel. There were beatutiful gardens with waterfalls to walk through, tons of shops, a huge mall across the street and of course the Grand ol' Opry Country Hall of Fame. There was also golfing, bowling, and movies; you name it they had it. During the evenings we had formal dinners with live entertainment. Monday nights entertainment was Josh Turner he is an amazing singer with such a deep voice. I kept thinking how can such a deep voice come out of such a little guy?

We really had a lot of fun, and we especialy enjoyed spending time with Clay after not seeing him for two weeks. Hannah was so excited to see her Dad, as soon as she saw him she had a big grin on her face and she wouldn't take her eyes off of him. It was sweet.

At the hotel they had the vine lady walking around. She would make a daily apperance, and she was neat to watch! She was one big vine, with stilts on both her arms and legs. She was extremely flexible. It was like watching a big plant move around.

My little baby

Here is a funny picture of our little Hannah. Last week I took her to the Doctor and she weighed in at 12 pounds, so she is still my very little baby. But don't let her size fool you, she is as active and alert as can be.

Hannah Bear

Today Hannah and I are practicing sitting up. She is doing pretty good. she can hold herself up long enough for me to take a picture before she falls over again. She has also learned how to throw a tantrum. When I finished washing her, I took her out of the bath she immeaditly started screaming in protest. She wanted me to know she was not done playing. I think while we were swimming in the hotel pool she realized how much fun it is to play and splash in the water.

Quilt just for Hannah

When I went to get the mail the other day, I found nice package for Hannah. I opened it up and there was a beautiful quilt handmade by all the women in Clay's family. This included his grandmother, aunts, couins, and mother. Each person did a square and Clay's grandmother sewed it all together. It really is a beautiful quilt and thank you thank you thank you to all who helped make it! We love it!

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