Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scrubs or the Office?

It's Thursday night, I just got home from Enrichment and I have had a very long and busy busy day! Between piano lessons, cleaning the house, running errands, a fussy baby and just a jam packed shcedule I am ready for some R&R. So I turn on the TV with my dinner in hand (yeah I know, dinner at 9 PM, not so good, but considering my breakfast/lunch wasn't until 3 PM I guess it's not that bad) and what is on TV? BOTH SCRUBS AND THE OFFICE! AHHHH! My worst nightmare. My two favortie TV shows on at the EXACT sime time. I tried to flip between the two, but they happen to have commercial breaks at the exact same time. So what do you do? Which show do you watch? Or do you just watch something else entirely different or none at all because you can't pick favorites?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricane Hannah


The Ipsen's and the subsidiaries have nothing to do with Hurricane Hannah. No damage that may occur because of this hurricane is related to our sweet little daughter. We have always thought of her as a Tropical Storm really. Please stay posted...

The Dark Side

I have been tutoring Hannah in the ways of the Force. I thought she was doing really well with levitating her rattle. She has even learned how to use her Force powers to convinve her Mom she isn't ready for a nap. Her greatest power is her ability to sit up all by herself. She has been clocked at 1:32. Pretty good huh? Olympian? Maybe. But...I am afraid she may have fallen to the dark side. She started wearing this hat around the house the other day.

Here is a game for you, name our little Dark Jedi. You post your name for Hannah and we'll announce the winner next week!

(Non-Editors Note: So, The Editor is a Tyrant!!!!! Curse all of the journalism classes and awards.)

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