Friday, December 5, 2008

Cedarcrest Community Service Club

Awhile ago I posted about finding something to do with my free time and looking for a cause, well I've found my cause. Since that post I have tried creating a service club. Our first meeting we had three people interested, the next meeting we had five interested and we recently had our third meeting with 12 people in attendance. It started out with a few ladies from church, but I wanted it to be a community wide service club. Today's meeting we had six ladies from our community in attendance. I am so excited about the growth of this club!

Last month we were able to donate 45 desserts to MUST Ministries for their Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. This month we are helping to serve breakfast for Families that take in Foster Care Children. I am very excited both about the great things we are doing and the growing interest in our club. I have an e-mail list of 15 peopke, so we are growing. Great things will happen. It feels really great to be involved with something so good.


Michelle said...

oh my gosh Tiffany...I'm speechless. I really must know how you got this sort of thing started. Sounds inspiring! E-mail me!!

PS..good for you girl!

Kristen said...

You are an inspiration. Really, thanks for setting such a high standard and example. Give us details about how you got everything going because maybe it could spread. :)

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

Hey - what's happened to you guys? And to the club??

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